Monday, 2 January 2012

Looking forward : 2012 [Planning and goalsetting]

Are you a New Year's Resolutions type of person?  I know I am.  But with a very dubious record of success.  I wonder what percentage of people actually really truly manage all of their resolutions for the year?

So of course, this year is no different in the resolution department, however now the stakes feel a little bit higher.  I now feel as if I am living for two.  No, I am not pregnant to any new readers out there, I had a liver transplant two and a half months ago.  And now I am left with a lingering sense of self improvement being needed, opportunities jumped at, plans to be made and generally just living large and making a difference.  Me, who would happily potter around the house, having quiet time and spending time with MR.

Over the last week I have been compiling a bit of a list in my head.  Resolutions and Goals.  Is there much of a difference?  I did look them up in the dictionary but it didn't really help me work out which in my list is goals and which resolutions.

So we'll just wing it hey?


:: to do my tax on time this year.
:: to do a writing course in plot/character/setting development and submit my picture book manuscript to publishing houses
:: to be open to new opportunities
:: to raise money for The Leukaemia Foundation and the Liver Transplant Unit of SCGH
:: to somehow become a more tidy and organised person, particularly in organising the final rooms of our home


:: to exercise at least twice a week (for at least 80% of the year)
:: to recycle more
:: to at least halve my credit card debt
:: to join a writer's group and attend regularly
:: to do up a joint budget so we can save money and do some renovations to/buy furniture for our home

No doubt tomorrow I will have thought of 42 more things to add to the list, but it needs to be achievable right?  Undaunting.  Possible.  Surely I should be able to manage all of those things?  I just like to make lists. And there are so many things I could work on right now!

Please feel free to correct me if I have goals under resolutions and likewise.  And I'd love to hear your plans for 2012 as well!



2paw said...

I'm not sure of the difference. Is a resolution something you hope you will do, and a goal something you make plans to do?? At school I helped the children write goals, and then three ways they would achieve their goals. That worked pretty well.
I reckon yours are just about right, if you have too many you'll be overwhelmed. I don't make any New Year's resolutions or goals, I just make things up as I go along otherwise I break them. However, I'd LIKE to be a bit more organised in the craft area!!!!

2paw said...

PS, I'm in my nightie and have been since we got back from having the Winky eye given the all clear!!

Sally said...

I love the saying/quote thingie.
Good luck with your resolutions.