Sunday, 8 January 2012

One Word

I have been sub-consciously musing over Maxabella's One Word for 2012 idea for the last few days with nothing really coming to me.  Until today.  It just popped into my head.  This is what I need for 2012.

to thrive.

my health
my life
our relationship
our garden
our home

This is the year for growth and change, development and improvement, health and love.

Positivity will get you everywhere.

A Year of Good Things

8/366 ::For myself and for Bloggers::
Today has been another day of quiet.  Nap filled to (attempt to) restore energy.  Contemplative of 2012 goals and One Word as above.  Lots of blog reading.  Lots of commenting love.  Surely that is a Good Thing in itself?  Everybody loves comments. 

7/366 ::For some friends::
Yesterday I went to MR cousin's (L) housewarming party yesterday and I organised with MR's direct family (parents/brothers) to go in together to get a Good Present.  L had been talking about how she wanted a nice big frangipani tree to go out the front of their house but of course, a tree is a bit expensive for most people to purchase, including them.  Listening to what people talk about liking so you can get them awesome presents is a Good Thing.  So together we put in and got the biggest one I could find.  The tropical version with pink flowers of course!  It only just fit in my car on the front seat floor.  I had to peer through the leaves when I wanted to turn left!  It's looking a bit windswept here but that's what you get on a windy day!  Do you like my attempt at wrapping?  A cheery yellow (windswept) ribbon around the trunk.  Is it called a trunk when it's that small?  You can't really call it a stem or a stalk?


Maxabella said...

Every body does love comments, Megan. A little 'I was here and I listened. I liked what you had to say'.

THRIVE is a wonderful world. Nurture your health, life, relationship, garden and home and you won't help but thrive all year. Much love to you. x

2paw said...

That is such a lovely and clever gift. It looks very festive with its ribbon!!!