Saturday, 7 January 2012

Odd things that gross you out

The only picture I could think of that
wouldn't be totally disgusting

I have been religiously oiling my scar with Bio Oil, Dermatix and now Vitamin E oil daily, twice most days.  I wonder if its best to stick to one type of oil?  I don't want to risk missing out on the super scar remover oil, whichever one it may be so I'm just rocking them all.  Plus, the Dermatix is expensive! $60 for a finger sized tube. And it is very sticky so it only goes on at night when I can walk around with my singlet folded up around my boobs for an hour or so.  Thank goodness it's Summer!  And apologies for the lovely imagery I've left you with there.

So anyhow, onto the odd stuff that grosses me out.  Belly button fluff.  I cannot stand it.  It is Deeeesgusting.  MR gets it a bit, generally blue from his blue singlets.  Yuck.  It really does gross me out quite a bit.  After my operation my belly button (which is normally as round as round gets) was squashed shut and I was quite paranoid that it would be full of yukky stuff.  And now, with all the oiling of the scar, my belly button is collecting fluff and turning it into soggy mush. Gross!

The other odd thing that makes me squirm is other people's feet.  Particularly male feet.  Male feet in my experience are smelly, dirty, unmaintained, scraggly nailed things.  Yuck.  But I wouldn't really want to touch a strange (or familiar, unless it is my own) foot either.  And the odd thing about that is that I worked in a shoe shop for five years.  And I had the anti other people's feet thing before I worked there!

So I'm interested, at this ungodly hour in which I should be asleep, in what grosses you out.  Not the normal things like spiders and snakes (which totally gross me out too - the way snakes move - eugh!) but the odd stuff.  Stuff that maybe isn't gross or disgusting really but it SO is to you.


2paw said...

I am always slightly afraid of 'things' The Labradors bring inside. Is it a stick or is it a very old smelly bone?? Yuck!!

Sally said...

This post has grossed me out!!! ;)

Christie, Describe Happy said...

I'm laughing and totally grossed out. But my mind is drawing a blank. Dog slobber grosses me out.. like give the pups a treat and they have to nearly eat your whole hand. But that's now totally abnormal... it's really a daily thing for me. Oh, hey.. how about the food bits that collect in the kitchen sink drain. And then if hair gets intertwined. Yuck!!