Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Parent for a Day

Today I am looking after MR's nephew.  He is 5.  His family just flew in this morning after a red eye flight from a holiday over east and his parents are off to a wedding today so I get to hang with him.  At the moment he is napping.  I am ready for him to wake up because I want to play!  Although give it about an hour or two after he wakes up and I will probably be ready for it to be my turn to nap!  I have all sorts of fun options planned for him to choose from.  I've really missed hanging with kids.  All the more exciting that it is just one child.  So many crafts that you can't quite manage with more than one or two.  And I get to put a booster seat in the back of my car.  Excitement!  Ahh yes, one day Miss Clucky.

Hopefully, if I'm not too tired, I'll be back for a wrap up on the days events this evening once he's gone to bed.

A Year of Good Things

2/366 ::For my Dad and his charity:: I helped out with a sausage sizzle to raise money for the school he is building in Cambodia.

Dad was inspired almost 2 years ago now to start up his own charity building a school in remote Cambodia.  His charity Aus Assist Asian Development Fund is well underway in building a school in Soun Sah Village.  He is providing locals with jobs through the building of the school and once complete, many more children will have access to education who previously were unable to.  Dad goes over a few times a year to do stuff and my sister has been twice.  At the end of last year her and Dad took a group of boys from her school on a community camp over there to learn about the community, Cambodia (and how lucky they are going to a private boy's school in Australia) and to help out digging trenches and the like.  If you are looking for a charity to donate to this year, this is a truly worthy cause and while it is small fry compared to many, my Dad has put Many Many hours of work into making this happen.

The school well underway!


Michelle said...

Good luck with the babysitting and I'm liking your year of good things :)

2paw said...

Yes, good luck with the young man!! Your dad is doing wonderful things.