Thursday, 5 January 2012

An Excerpt of my life, right now...

 The other day I looked after MR's nephew B.  I was so excited to spend the afternoon with him because he is one cool kid and also because I've really missed little kids since not working since September!

We started off by going to a local aquatic centre which had a big water slide.  B was a bit nervous at first so I had to go too with him on my lap, then next to each other holding hands, then just next to each other and then right behind him before he was brave enough to go by himself.  He loved it though, I reckon he spent about 30 minutes on it by himself while I did some walking laps in a waist deep pool next to the slide while watching him.

Afterwards, the plan was to go home and have dinner but when B asked what was for dinner and I replied sausages he asked ever so nicely 'Do you have any fish fingers?' so we stopped in at the shop to pick some up.  And a very late afternoon tea treat.

Of course, while at the shop B saw the very cool playground across the road so we stopped in there on the way home.  It had adult bottom sized swings so I was very happy.  Nothing quite like a good swing! 

Naturally, I had to get a bit creative with dinner.  B saw purple carrots at the shops and asked what they were so we got one to try.  He was very brave and ate the carrot nose all up.

 Today I started back at Liver Gym after the break and it was nice to come home and feel inspired and a little bit energetic.  I decided that if I wanted to get all my crafting underway and get some of those WIPs finished then I really needed to begin to tidy the craft room.  I say begin because it was an absolute pigsty.  The whole floor was literally covered with things that had been dumped there to get them out of the way for visitors at Christmas and the door has been firmly closed ever since.  So after a few hours, a lot of stuff in the recycling bin and two bags of stuff for the good sammies bins it now looks like this. 
Still a bit of a way to go... 

I was quite pleased because it worked in with my New Years resolutions.  Organise house and recycle more.  As well as the crafty goals because you can't do any crafting when you can't set foot in the door!

A Year of Good Things
5/366 ::For a stranger::
At the hospital today I left my change in the parking ticket machine after paying.  Only $1.20 but finding money is always nice and cheering people up who are visiting people at hospital is definitely a Good Thing!


Sally said...

Oh ... dinner looks lovely!!!

Yes. I too need to clean my grey room. I started the other day and then lost steam. Aiming to get stuck in there tomorrow when I am sans my "big" kids.

So excited about the next brown owls meeting. It is going to be awesome!!!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

You do have a busy year ahead of you! You must be doing really well to be going down waterslides, I don't even go down waterslides ;-) Looks like you and the nephew has a great day and I love the idea of a year of Good Things :-)

2paw said...

Oh I love your dinner, it's so cute and fun!! We had to stand at the top of the waterslide ladder and supervise at the school picnic!! Well done on your energy and tidying.