Sunday, 22 January 2012

Retail Therapy on a Budget

Last year I didn't often get out and into the secondhand shops because I never seemed to be out of school before they closed and weekends tended towards quiet time at home (and I'm seeing the trend continue this year, at least regarding weekends).  This year, with the lack of money but much more time, I'm occasionally calling in to a couple on the way home from hospital appointments when I'm in need of retail therapy.  Not working for Term 4 last year and not going to be working Term 1 this year has seen my tighten the purse strings a bit when it comes to retail therapy but some days I am in desperate need to purchase something, sometimes anything, in the attempt for a bit of a mood boost.  So I'm more inclined to head to a secondhand shop than say the local shopping centre where I might be tempted into buying clothes (I very rarely find anything clotheswise I like at secondhand shops and admittedly I hardly ever look for them, being more inclined towards homewares and craft supplies)

Luckily I haven't resorted to buying any old junk yet (although we won't ask MR to comment here), at a pinch a chocolate eclair or a vanilla cannoli will go a long way - a purchase and comfort food all in one, my goodness, hello 10 minutes of happiness.

 This cute decorative glass is a bit like one I eye off in David Jones everytime I go there however it was $2 instead of $89 so it got to come home with me too.

Even though I haven't taught since September, I still can't help myself and $4 for over a metre of fabric in a cute number print was just too good to turn down.  Super Number Star capes for students to wear for the day if they work really hard at recognising their numbers or counting objects perhaps?  I've certainly got plenty of time to sew them!  And the buttons?  Well, I do have a bit of a weakness for pretty buttons.  Especially cheap, pretty buttons.

And this tin was just too cute to stay  behind.  It's not really my style but I'm thinking it might just feature in a destash of crafty supplies giveaway in the not too distant future.  And the doileys speak for themselves really don't they?

And that was me happy for another week.  Although, I have to admit I did also win an expensive leather bag from a shoe shop and on the way back to the car after picking it up I may have gotten confused gone in the completely wrong direction and stumbled accidentally into Kikki K to buy a diary and oops, Witchery was in my path just across the road on the real way back to the car and they had a sale so I also may have bought a cobalt blue tunic singlet for $20.  Small discrepancies. 

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Anonymous said...

I love the glass! You're right, it does look like something you would get from David Jones!

Lea said...

love your idea about the capes!

2paw said...

Oh yes, love the capes idea and I am a sucker for buttons too. I often but a ball of sock wool, under $20 or a fat quarter, about $5: they cheer me up no end!!

Sally said...

I love looking out for sewing and crafty stuff at the local oppies too. So much treasure for not a lot of dosh.