Wednesday, 11 January 2012

At my Grandad's

Today my Dad, sister and I went on a road trip down to Australind to visit my Grandad.  We took lunch down to have with him, roast turkey, salad and bread and butter custard.  I'm not all that close to my grandparents, haven't really ever been as we didn't live very close to them when we were young.  My Nan has passed away now though so Grandad is on his own.  He is really into ham radio and has a 'shack', his own bedroom turned into a completely covered with old radio parts, Radio Shack.  It's quite cute to hear him say, 'Oh, that's in the shack.'  I have to admit though, all he talked about other than his radios was computers with my sister, who is a bit more technologically minded than I am.  So I took a wander of the house, looking at things in quite a different way than to how I used to on the odd occasion that we would visit.  There are some top vintage pieces in there!  Here are some of my favourites, via instagram...

A cuckoo!! I had no idea they had it. 
It is on the wall in a room I never see him in, covered in dust and cobwebs and not wound up.  So sad!  

Beautifully crafted granny rug, looks so wonderful spread out on the bed! 
Grandad isn't sure if Granny or Nan made it or if they bought it.

Look at this gorgeous butter dish!  Hand painted in Norway, or Finland, I forget now - no good at remembering these details on the stamp on the bottom!

This little boy and girl set are very cute

Carousel horsey tin!  Adorable!

A Year of Good Things
10/366 ::For my Grandad::

I made him a nice big bread and butter custard, his favourite dessert.  And three bowls of leftovers for another day!


2paw said...

I was lucky to have all my grandparents and three great grandparents. There are some lovely things there, and I love 'The Shack' idea.

Amanda said...

That granny rug is gorgeous!