Tuesday, 6 March 2012

1 + 8 = 1

 Take one very messy bathroom cupboard

 Add 8 ikea zip open storage boxes

And you get one, nice tidy organised cupboard.




Wendy Sice said...

Well done you! Btw, that first pic looks familiar. Maybe I need a visit to Ikea too? xx

Sandra Hoogland said...

Hello, just a visit through Swap-bot. I'm your partner in the Sew something nice for me-swap and I really want to make something you like and can use. I became a follower so it's easier to find you back! :)
Oh, great organisation! You did well on this cupboard!!! ♥

2paw said...

What a difference!!

Amanda said...

Great job! I definitely need to get some of those Ikea storage boxes I think - would be great for the girls' chest of drawers.

Sally said...

Well done.