Thursday, 22 March 2012


There has been some at my house, crafty action that is.  Not a great amount in general standards but for me it is a fairly big amount.  I am quite pleased, hopefully this is a sign of returning energy and desire to do more than read books or blogs, watch tv or play facebook games. 

 There has been Ikea box painting for my sister's birthday.  Not especially artistic but much cheaper than wrapping paper!

 I revised the v-jayjay pattern to try and look more grecian vase-ish.  I'm still not in love with it though. 

 And finished it off to be an ereader case.  Except looking at the photo now I think I need to stitch around the button hole and across the top as well to make it look neater.  Anyone have an ereader (or similar device of about 12x18cm) and want this? It's up for grabs if you do, just leave a comment. 

I've even been trying my hand at ATCs.  I joined swap-bot a while ago so I could get fun packages in the mail (swapping instead of shopping) and I joined an ATC swap, just to see what it's all about.  The one on the left is almost finished, just some raindrops to go.  

And another swap thing, this time handmade Christmas decorations.  Nothing like starting early and getting a good collection I say!  This embroidery pattern is from Polka and Bloom.  It's not the whole pattern, I just drew on half to begin with so it doesn't fade away before I get to finishing it.  

And there's lots more planned for next week so hopefully the mojo continues!

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2paw said...

Very nice embroidery, it looks a little bit vintage and therefore trendy!! Very clever gift wrapping. I don't have any kind of 'e' thing or 'i' thing. I agree, I think the button hole would tie in if it was stitched. I think it is because the colour scheme is pink that it looks that way, in blue, or green or black and white it would have been innocuous!!!

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

You have been very busy! Had to giggle at the vjayjay comment - ha! Might have to check out swap bot... sounds fun. So glad to hear your energy is returning.

Christie DescribeHappy said...

Yes, you've been a busy creative bee!! Looks like a lot of fun and I still laugh a bit about the e-reader cover. Maybe adding a bit more of those leaf shapes at the top would turn it into more of a tree? How was your party?

Sally said...

I think I've missed something... or having a derrr moment perhaps... what are ATCs?