Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Going ons

In hospital they serve dinner at 5.30pm.  This is Too Early, in my opinion, as I normally have dinner at 8 or later (mainly because I am too lazy to be bothered getting up and making it earlier and I am not particularly hungry because I had breakfast at 12 and then a lunchey snack of fruit and yoghurt or something similar at 5)  Along with too early, as mentioned before (I'm sure somewhere) it is quite not nice.  Instant mash potato and vegies from the freezer.  Bland mains.  Usually I give it a try and if it's okay I will eat some of it.  But never the instant mash potato, deeeesgusting. Tonight's meal was chicken schnitzel with gravy and it was tolerable.  But now it is 8.40 and I am hungry.

 So I am snacking on cheese and crackers and my Dad is on his way in with some carrot cake.  Last night my sister brought me a lamington and cream, along with the cheese (already had the crackers) and a punnet of cherry tomatoes.  Priorities.

Meanwhile, I am reading blogs.  Getting nice and up to date on all the ones in my list.  But, you are not posting enough, those of you that are my favourite bloggy people.  I need more entertainment!  I am not quite bored, but close.

Last night I did some embroidery, I decided last minute at about 3am Monday morning* that I could make a little case for my ereader while in hospital.  I could only find pink felt because I couldn't be bothered getting to the box at the bottom of the stack that has all my felt in it.  But I have fallen out of love with it after posting it on facebook last night and my sister posting the comment "You know what that looks like...?"

It took me a minute or so but then... OH.  Well.  That is not what it is supposed to be and now all I can think of is that I am doing a vagina designed ereader case.

Edit: I should be out in a couple of days, in fact, I am quite determined I will be out by Thursday because MR and I are having our housewarming party this weekend and I have Stuff To Do!  I am really only here so the doctors can run tests at their convenience, as they think of them.



Sally said...

Yes... well as a vegetarian I don't really like hospital food either. Urk.
Liking the stitching... it's bitchin'! (I have no idea what that means... but hey I just felt like rhyming)
I just posted a very fascinating post about my laundry... I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel. It's been a tough week. I went to spotty this afternoon because of the sale and felt too tired to really buy anything... I walked out with elastic and some denim! How tragic is that???

Sandra Hoogland said...

Oh, do you have to stay in the hospital for long? I thought it was just a check-up or something... I'm so sorry you feel close to bored!
I do think you can still make something pretty cool for your ereader, just change the color-palette you're using!!! Or ask your visitors to bring another color felt over?
Hope you can be home soon!!!

Christie DescribeHappy said...

HA!! A v-jayjay ereader cover. Classic. I actually think it's really pretty, but now that you have made the association I can't get it out of my head. Sorry the food is so bad, but glad you can nosh on your own goodies!!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

LOL Lovely stitching but yes your sister is right! Mybe in another colour....

I am not feeling the love with my blog lately, I have too much rushing around with the family that I am getting almost no craft done and you can't write much about driving can you? :-)

Michelle said...

I hear ya that is an early dinner. Lucky you came prepared with double cheese crackers (my fav!) I like it! Hang in there hon, keep on stitching :)

2paw said...

Well, yes, but at least it is a medically appropriate embroidery. I was fine till I read what you wrote!!

We must be lucky, our Hospital food is not so bad but any smuggled in from home must be nicer.
I hope you are out now???