Tuesday, 6 March 2012


For starters, I didn't cave! Woo! I really did think that I would but I pushed past the yawns and droopy head.  This time - can't make any promises on my staying power next time!

I mentioned in my last post my list of things to do.  We're having a very late housewarming party the weekend after next, just shy of a year of being in the house, so there's lots to be done to get things organised and looking pretty and more home like.  The poor house has had a double whammy in neglection, organisational wise, firstly because I suck at organising and secondly, because I've been ill.  But no more!  (well, for now) I am determined to get things looking wonderful for the party.  Determined.  MR did lots of outdoorsy stuff last time he was home like mow the lawns, dig out a dead bush and plant some roses in its place, lift the heavy Christmas tree box and put it out in the garage and the time before that he tidied his shed so well, it was tidier than the house (woops) and blower vac-ed the paved areas.  Unfortunately that has left me with all the inside light weight stuff.  And I am just not good at organising.

So I started with some fun stuff.  On the weekend I went to Ikea for storage items and some frames for my art works.  I've got all my prints framed now, just have two more of the blue box frames to fill and then I can work on the display!  I also have really wanted some bedroom art for a while but I want something good and nothing has caught my eye that was not $1,330,482 (or so it seems to my pitiful budget).  I was doing a bit of shopping on kelani fabrics with a voucher I had and saw this gorgeous Haga fabric and thought how nice it would look on my wall.  So I got a fat quarter.  I wanted a white frame but the options were a white frame for $39.95 or this black one for $7.95.  Easy decision. This one doesn't have glass, it has plastic, which is fine because I just wrapped the fabric over the plastic and held it in place with the back of the frame.  No gluing or anything needed so that when we get some proper art, I can take the fabric out and use it.

Now I've got to get cracking on the rest of the list.  It keeps getting longer as I think of more things to add to it, and this list is just for getting the house organised, not getting the party organised!

- tidy off kitchen ledge
- reorganise bathroom cupboards (not really necessary for the party but they were annoying me!)
- finish tidying craft room (still a mammoth job, even with all the bits I've done over the past months)
- put up frame cluster
- reorganise bookshelves
- hunt gumtree for a nice bed frame for our spare mattress
- do massive amounts of weeding
- sort through the rest of my teaching boxes and stack them neatly in the garage
- do the filing

It doesn't sound like much, but that craft room will take a lot of work.  I hate finding homes for things, I never know where to put it and just end up making little piles of stuff scattered all over the floor and everything looks messier than before. 

Thank goodness I have a Meow to help me.  She has a strange obsession with getting into open drawers and digging through them to see what's underneath and behind.


Michelle said...

Yay housewarming party, I'm hoping to have one for my 3 yr house anniversary in September so don't feel to bad! Good luck with your list, I'm sure you'll get through most of it even if it means sticking things under beds and in cupboards so it looks tidy on the night ;)

Christie DescribeHappy said...

That fabric is so pretty framed.. and I nearly spit out my drink laugh at your dear cat digging in the drawers. Sammy does the exact same thing... except she empties the drawers. Thanks for confirming she isn't alone in her drawer obsession and wishing you a delightful housewarming!!

2paw said...

I love your clever art work idea!! And well done on the not caving in!!

Sally said...

Good luck with it all. The fabric idea is pure genius. Love it.