Friday, 23 March 2012

The Great Outdoors

Well, it's not quite great yet, but it is certainly taking shape.  My garden and back yard is finally beginning to develop some personality.  I'm quite pleased with how it's going so far.  We got all of this done in time for the housewarming party, which by the way went brilliantly well, all the different groups of friends chatted to each other which is always my worst fear about hosting parties.  Lots of yummy food and hardly any stressing by me at all.  I ended up only making two potato bakes and my trademark chilli con queso dip.  The weather was a little bit warm but not too bad and when the afternoon breeze kicked in it was lovely.  I didn't even feel too tired afterwards, although after a busy Monday of  appointments I was well and truly ready for a quiet day on Tuesday.

 One wagon wheel, as mentioned here, with passionfruit vine growing up it on the left.  We think we might remove those agapanthus in front of it, maybe move them to the front yard.  They are blocking my pretty wagon wheel! 

 MR's mum gave this candle holder to me a while ago and I hadn't worked out where to put it.  We don't have any very wide walls in our outdoor area, just lots of windows!  So I was thinking of putting it in the bathroom.  But then MR's dad had the brainwave of bending it slightly and putting it over this about 150` corner.  I think it looks fantastic there!

While pulling out the candle holder I found this wind chime I got in a secret santa a couple of years ago, I really love the colour of it and the little birdie hanging underneath.  We found a bolt sticking out in the patio to hang it on but it isn't catching any breeze there so it is going to have to move when MR is home next.

The weather is finally just reaching that stage of beautiful, warm and sunny without being stinking hot.  Cool evenings but not too cold to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air.  This morning I got up at five to take MR to the airport and I had to put on a jumper.  Isn't that first jumper donning an exciting moment? MR is away for 3 weeks this time, boo.  But then he goes onto a two week on two week off shift!! Squeeee, very exciting! I will have him home with me half the time instead of one third of the time.  He is looking forward to it as well.  He is moving sites and becoming a supervisor too.  Clever boy!


Sally said...

Congratulations to K! He must have got his clever-ness from his father... because that candle holder looks brilliant!

E. said...

Great looking garden and chimes. Love the candle older where it is. It's great that MR is changing to be home more often.

2paw said...

I love the clever decorating ideas, I think the candle holder is fabulous and you should make them that way!!
Glad all your groups of friends talked it is always a bit of a worry!!
Hooray, two on,two off is a much better deal!!

Bek said...

Garden is looking good! Glad you had a good house warming, How nice of your friends to make the effort with each other. That is always my biggest anxiety- how people who don't know each other will interact.

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought to bend the candle-holder- What a brain wave! The wagon wheel is going to look amazing with the passionfruit growing over it a bit.

Michelle said...

Your backyard is looking really inviting, I really like the bent candle holder and was wondering where on earth you could buy a bent candle holder from! Sounds like the party was a hit and the summery weather is still holding up nicely :)