Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Defunct words

This morning I used the word 'leisure'.  As in "All I'm doing is sitting around waiting for doctors to do tests on me at their leisure."

I don't think I've ever said the word leisure before.

In fact, unless associated with American cruise ship goers 'leisure-wear', I don't think I really ever hear that word anymore.

For that matter, 'defunct' is not something I think I have ever said either, and yet I know it.  No doubt I have read it somewhere.

I read another awesome word in a book recently, if only I could remember what it was, that I thought needed a reintroduction to today's society.  This was a popular word from the 1800's.  Give me time, I may remember it and come back and edit this.

What words can you think of that are reaching their use by date?  Or just words you don't really say very often at all?

And do you have any really great words you think people should say more?  Such as nincompoop.  Are we about ready for that one to do a come back tour?


Sally said...

Geez. I use the word leisure... am I showing my age???

How about "gas"? People don't say that things are "gas" anymore. I think they should. Maybe I will.

Ian said...

Gruntled. A wonderful, defunct word. It comes from 'grunt', the sound of a pig, and is a one of those verbs that describe a continuos action. Stars go twink twink, so they TWINKLE, Someone might TICKLE you making you go gig gig GIGGLE. You might use some glitter on one of your projects and add it by going sprink sprink SPRINKLE. So, if someone is annoyed they go grunt grunt and were once described as being GRUNTLED. Dis- at the start of a word can mean opposite (appear and disappear) or extremely (stress and distress). To be really, really gruntled is to be disgruntled. I prefer to say I'm really gruntled.

Colleen said...

I like to use 'frock' still :)

Wendy Sice said...

Hi! I can't believe you're back in hospital again! Hope you're out soon...

I use the term, "at your leisure" whenever it comes up. A word I was thinking of yesterday, that is never in books or on spelling tests, but people used to say it all the time is "interstate", as in "I'm going interstate next month". Nowadays people just say, "I'm going to Bali", except for us, because we've never been there! xx

2paw said...

I love words and I am old and I love to use unusual words. I use leisure, transmogrification, serendipity, ilk. I use them so much MrsDrWho bans them!!!