Friday, 9 March 2012

Swapping Loveliness

I've been making new bloggy friends lately.  One of them is Christie at Describe Happy.  We decided to do a little swap, 'a pincushion and a surprise' and my package arrived yesterday.  It was a Big and Lovely surprise!!

 Look at my beautiful mushroom pincushion!! It even stands up all by itself! I said to Christie that I can't quilt for the life of me (she is a great quilter) so now I'm lucky enough to have some pretty quilted things.

 And a matching fabric basket - OHH! It's so cute and in just the perfect colours for me.  Now to decide what to put in it??

And if that's not enough, look at these three fabulous fat quarters she sent me, and a stunning packet of cards, I really love the patterns on all of them!

I feel so spoilt, nothing better than receiving wonderful goodies in the mail!! My package to Christie hasn't been sent off yet, lets blame an annoyingly inconvenient hospital stay, but any day now! I'm off to do some more of it now!  Thankfully she is completely relaxed and super friendly and said seeing as we didn't ever set a deadline, it doesn't matter when it arrives because it won't be late.  I like her way of thinking! (But I'm still going to get cracking)

Thank you so much Christie!


Michelle said...

They are so gorgeous. I'm jealous!

2paw said...

The little fabric basket is so cute and the mushroom is amazing. I a sure she is wonderfully understanding, I think a liver transplant is a pretty good excuse!!

Wendy Sice said...

Blogging friendships are the best; you get to see the positive generous side of people and share lovely things like these gifts.xx

Christie DescribeHappy said...

You are so welcome!! I had so much fun making and planning the goodies for you. And you took awesome picture too! Glad you feel spoiled.. with everything you are going through a little spoiling was in order!

Sally said...

My goodness... that is a lovely swap. You've been so busy this week.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I agree you deserve a lovely spoiling, how cute are those gifts!